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Curriculum: Starter Track

Digital ethics


Digital ethics is of special interests for data scientists, engineers, and managers because their results and products have a direct impact on individuals and society. Ethics is concerned with respecting the dignity and vulnerability of human beings and with contributing to a good life. Ethics for Data Science - like Medical Ethics or Engineering Ethics - is aspirational (providing values for goals to achieve) and preventive (providing tools for understanding and avoiding problematic outcomes). Given the numerous areas of application the range of topics can be as varied and complex as fascinating.


Learning contents:

      - Thematic areas of digital ethics

      - Introduction to theories and tools for digital ethics

      - Types of ethical concerns with algorithms

      - Values for digital ethics

      Learning objectives:

      Participants will acquire an understanding for the manifold areas of ethical concern affected by digital technologies, and for the various principles and values that are at play when dealing with these concerns. A basic map of tools for ethical thinking will be presented, that provides orientation for further research into questions of digital ethics.

      Prior knowledge:


      Further reading:



      March 2, 2023, 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM


      UNICOM 2
      Haus Oxford, 2nd floor
      2.2090, Large Seminar Room

      Mary-Somerville-Straße 2
      28359 Bremen

      Online via Zoom

      Haferkamp, M.A. Björn

      Institute of Philosophy, University of Bremen

      IT-Analyst, Public administration, Niedersachsen and in the Working Group Philosophy and Ethics of Digitization


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