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Curriculum: Starter Track

Data protection and licenses


Compliance with legal requirements in the handling of research data is an indispensable requirement for the long-term success of research data management.

Learning contents

Legal framework of research data management with a special focus on questions of copyright law and data protection law.

Learning outcomes

Acquiring basic legal knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of research data management.

Prior knowlegde


Further reading

- Christen/Ranbaduge/Schnell, Linking Sensitive Data. Methods and Techniques for Practical Privacy-Preserving Information Sharing, Chapter 2, 2020

- Donnelly/McDonagh, Research, Consent and the GDPR Exemption, European journal of health law, 2019, p. 97

- Ducato, Data protection, scientific research, and the role of information, Computer Law & Security Review, 2020, 105412


March 16, 2023, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Online via Zoom

Kipker, Prof. Dr. Dennis-Kenji

Health and Medical Law (IGMR) at the University of Bremen
Research Manager at the Institute for Information

Board member of the European Academy for Freedom of Information and Data Protection (EAID) in Berlin
Professor of IT Security Law at the HSB City University of Applied Sciences


Buchner, Prof. Dr. Benedikt

Professor of Civil Law, Liability Law and the Law of Digitalization
Augsburg University, Faculty of Law


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