Training in Research Data Management and Data Science

Data-driven science is becoming increasingly important in answering the pressing research questions of our time. Global warming, massive extinction of species and the impact on human health as well as the socio-economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are just some recent examples. However, there is a significant deficit of qualified persons in (research) data management and data science to foster innovative “Big Data” technologies for science and the private sector worldwide.

The U Bremen Research Alliance, with the support of the Federal State of Bremen, has established the cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary training program "Data Train - Training in Research Data Management and Data Science" for doctoral researchers from member institutions.

"Data is the currency of the 21st century.
We need to invest this currency better to manage and grow our wealth of knowledge."

Dr. Arjun Chennu, Data Train lecturer
Group Leader "Data Science and Technology", Leibniz Centre for tropical Marine Research

Image showing a key in a data space.
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About Data Train

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The Data Train training program is offered to doctoral researchers across institutes and disciplines and therefore focusses at basic competencies in Research Data Management and Data Science.

Data Train lecturers
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Currently on Data Train

Starter Track

In the ‘Starter Track’, thematic overview lectures provide a general knowledge of important topics in data literacy, research data management, and data science. This track is intended for anyone who wants to get started in research data management and data science.

Schedule: January to May 2024

Registration: December 2023 - May 2024 (open shortly before a course starts). The full programme of courses will be available in November 2023.

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Operator Track 'Data Scientist'

Data science is concerned with extracting information and gaining knowledge from data using computational analysis methods such as statistical techniques and artificial intelligence (e.g. machine learning). In the Operator Track ‘Data Scientist’ participants learn methods from mathematics, statistics and artificial intelligence for data analysis and data visualization skills.

Schedule: June to December 2023

Registration: From March 2023 (open until two weeks before the respective course)

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