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Starter Track

Schedule: January to May 2024

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Data Steward

Schedule: June to December 2024

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Data Stories

Next Data Story: 12 April 2024

"How to plan a wind farm? About the use of extensive open and confidential datasets in wind energy resource assessment”

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(Schedule: ca. 3 Data Stories per year)

The Data Train Schedule

Operator Track 'Data Scientist'

Data science is concerned with extracting information and gaining knowledge from various types of data using computational analysis methods such as statistical techniques, artificial intelligence (e.g. machine learning) and data visualization. The Operator Track ‘Data Scientist’ consists of hands-on workshops where participants learn methods from mathematics, statistics and artificial intelligence (e.g. machine learning, deep learning) for data analysis and data visualization skills.

Schedule: June to December 2025

Registration: From April 2025 (open until two weeks before the respective course)

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"Data is the currency of the 21st century.
We need to invest this currency better to manage and grow our wealth of knowledge."

Dr. Arjun Chennu, Data Train lecturer

Group Leader "Data Science and Technology", Leibniz Centre for tropical Marine Research

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