Under pressure: Testing of a battery.

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Material Sciences and Production Engineering

Resource-efficient, tailor-made, durable: These criteria are at the center of our work, which covers the entire process chain from the development phase to the industrial application of materials of all kinds – as well as targeted measures for educating young researchers in new technologies.

One focus of our work is on the unpredictable behavior of materials during their synthesis, manufacture and use. The goal is to predict such changes at the atomic level and thus contribute, for example, to producing completely new materials with individually tailored and locally varying properties. Another focus is on the development of resource-efficient materials and processes in order to make the production of the high-tech products we use every day, such as cars, airplanes or smartphones, more sustainable, reliable, and efficient.

The scientific exchange in the high-profile area “Material Sciences and Production Engineering” takes place via cooperation in the MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes. MAPEX unites all disciplines of the natural and engineering sciences as well as industrial mathematics and materials informatics. Five Faculties of the University of Bremen and the U Bremen Research Alliance-partners Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Applied Material Research IFAMFraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems IWES and Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering – IWT are cooperating in this high-profile area.

Institutions involved in this area:

Universität Bremen
Leibniz Institute for Material-Oriented Technologies
Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems and Energy System Technology
Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials