In Bremen the demand for apartments and furnished rooms is high and especially during the summer months hunting for housing can turn into a real challenge. Therefore, it is best to start looking for a place as soon as possible.


In Germany the majority of apartments are rented out unfurnished. If you are planning to stay longer than 3 months or are looking for a place to decorate to your liking.

For everyone staying in Bremen for longer, it is most comfortable to look for a room, flat or apartment to rent permanently. In Germany the majority of places offered for longterm rent come unfurnished so if you are planning to stay you can really make a place your home decorating it the way you prefer. Please be aware, that unfurnished can also mean that an apartment can come without a kitchen (EBK = Einbauküche) already installed and not every house has a shared laundry room or comes with a washing machine in each apartment. The largest amount of flats in Bremen is unfurnished but at the same time, the housing market is tight. Places to start your search can be:

If a prolonged search stays unsuccessful it is possible to commission a realtor, however, this solution is the more expensive side.


For a visit to Bremen it is usually most comfortable to check into a Hotel, Hostel or Airbnb. We have collected some popular options near campus, in the city center and the wider city area

Visitors, guests or very short term stays up to two weeks it is recommended to check in to a Hotel. There are various options in Bremen as well as Hostels for a smaller budgets.

If your plan is to stay in Bremen for longer but have not been successful in finding a suitable place to rent, it is always an option to stay in a Hotel for the initial few weeks before moving into a more permanent space. This is also no problem when registering with the city as Hotels can also provide you with the so-called "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung".


You can also find cosy Airbnbs in Bremen to make your visit as comfortable as staying at home.