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Further Services

Here you will find an overview of other services that we offer or about which we would like to inform you. These range from general scholarship programs, at-risk and refugee researchers scholarship programs to our Dual Career Welcome Service. We are also happy to support you in creating a EURAXESS profile.

Welcome Guide

You can use our Welcome Guide to obtain customized information that applies to your personal situation. Click here to use the Welcome Guide directly.

We will also be happy to assist you with any other questions you may have during the relocation process - please register with the Welcome Center.

Counseling centers

Moving to another country alone or with your family and starting a new job in a foreign workplace is exciting, but it can also bring a lot of challenges.
For challenges that you cannot or do not want to deal with alone, there are two central contact points at the University of Bremen:

Psychological Counselling of the Studierendenwerk (PBS)

Here you will receive clarifying talks, counselling and therapeutic support for both study-related and personal questions.
Counselling is available free of charge at any time. All staff members are bound by professional secrecy.
Counselling in English is possible. There is currently a waiting period of several weeks for an initial consultation. For further information or to make an appointment, please contact the secretariat.

In-House Social Counseling Service

The In-House Social Counseling Service within the University of Bremen is providing help to all employees at the university who have problems at work, private problems or health related problems. The counselling service is free of charge and is fully confidential. Please contact Kassandra Ruhm for more information.


The ADE (Arbeitsstelle gegen Diskriminierung und Gewalt) provides counselling on all forms of discrimination (e.g. racism, trans* and homophobia, anti-Semitism, classism, rejectionism, sexism, ...), on all forms of conflicts and on violence. Counselling is confidential and free of charge.
In addition to counselling, further training and information events on the main topics are also offered.
You can find more information here.

Scholarship Programs

A stay in another country or city can be very expensive. A good possibility to finance such a stay are scholarships. Here you can find our overview. Under this point you can also find funding opportunities for refugee or at-risk researchers.  


EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion is a unique pan-European initiative delivering information and support services to professional researchers.

EURAXESS helps you in every possible area. It offers information about living and working in Germany, about the possibilities to go abroad and to return. On a search platform you can look for suitable job offers and scholarships all over Europe.
By creating a profile, you have the opportunity to network worldwide and get offers that fit exactly to the current career level and your own research area. Companies and other members also have the opportunity to search direct for you and, based on the data stored in your profile, to find out whether cooperation would be an option.

We would be happy to assist you in creating a profil!

Dual Career

You are planning to start working at the University of Bremen or at one of the member institutesof the U Bremen Research Alliance? If the job change also involves a change of location, you may not come to us alone, but together with your partner or your family. The U Bremen Research Alliance helps its researchers to reconcile work and family life.
We have extensive child-care facilities. Currently, the members can offer around 140 nursery and kindergarten places in the direct vicinity of the workplace.
Our Dual Career Welcome Service can assist with finding a suitable job for your partner – with employers in or outside the Alliance. For more information, please contact your future employer.

In addition, the Bremen Employment Agency offers consultation hours at the Career Center of the University of Bremen.

10.00 to 12.00 h and 13.00 to 15.00 h
or by appointment (telephone or video counselling also possible): Arrange appointment here

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
Welcome Center
Tel.: +49 421 218 60386


Job vacancies

Are you looking for a job offer in Germany or Bremen? 
Here you will find an overview of open positions at the University of Bremen or the U Bremen Research Alliance and other job portals for academics throughout Germany.

Guest Stays

You are a host for international or national guests at your faculty or your institute?
Here you will find all important information you need to know now.