In order to give your entire family a good start and a pleasant stay in Bremen and Bremerhaven, we offer our support in finding kindergarten and school places, services for families and dual career opportunities for your partner. Here you will find information for a successful stay with your family in the state of Bremen and dual career opportunities.

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In the bicycle city of Bremen there are many parks and gardens. The cultural offer is also very diverse.


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Here the North Sea is right on the doorstep!
In addition, the city offers a variety of attractive offers for the family.

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Dual Career

You have received a call to the University of Bremen or your future assignment is with a partner of the Bremen Research Alliance? If the job change also involves a change of location, you may not come to us alone, but together with your partner or your family. The U Bremen Research Alliance helps its researchers to reconcile work and family life.
We have extensive child-care facilities. Currently, the members can offer around 140 nursery and kindergarten places in the direct vicinity of the workplace.

Our Dual Career Welcome Service can assist with finding a suitable job for your partner – with employers in or outside the Alliance. For more information, please contact your future employer.

One dual career opportunity, for example, is a Federal Volunteer Service 27plus. It is suitable for adult interests of a voluntary engagement in the social, cultural or ecological area. With a duration of 6 to 18 months it comes particularly along-traveling partners as meaningful use of the stay in Bremen conveniently. It allows an optimal integration into society, the chance to dive into a new occupational direction to gain valuable practical experience and additionally to raise one's language level.
More information can be found here, for example.