Agile and intelligent: The “Donbot” robot is an in-house development.

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Due to the increasing digitalization, methods of Artificial intelligence (AI) have steadily gained importance. Benefiting from rapidly growing amounts of data and new dimensions in computing power, AI-based learning methods outperform traditional methods. Given this fact, Artificial Intelligence is one of the lead projects of the U Bremen Research Alliance.

The lead project Artificial Intelligence deals with AI research in all its different forms in the the thirteen member institutions of the U Bremen Research Alliance. In order to build a network between research groups, support joint activities and use synergy effects, following activities take place in the lead project Artificial Intelligence:

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AI Center for Health Care

Establishing the AI Center for Health Care addresses the critical relevance of artificial intelligence in relation to health research. The intention aims at the cooperation of the member institutions and in particular at funding PhD students working in interdisciplinary projects. The objective is to establish a virtual institute across the boundaries of the member institutions.

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Das ist Dagon. Ausgestattet mit modernster Sensorik und Instrumenten, kann der Roboter, der nach einem babylonischen Meeresgott benannt ist, selbstständig navigieren.
© Jens Lehmkühler / U Bremen Research Alliance

Peer-to-Peer Network Artificial Intelligence

The Peer-to-Peer Network Artificial Intelligence provides experienced researchers in the U Bremen Research Alliance the opportunity to exchange ideas among each other, cooperate and use synergy effects with respect to AI topics. In particular the network shall connect AI research and AI application.

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