In order to better orientate yourself on the campus of the University of Bremen and to get to know the local offers, this page summarizes general information about the library, gastronomic offers, It-Support and university sports.

University Sports

The Association for University Sports offers both students and external participants a wide range of different sports for an affordable price. The courses are usually offered in the event time and in the event-free time. Participants have the opportunity to learn new and alternative sports, to expand their repertoire of movements, and to experience the social and communicative side of sports.

You can find an overview of the extensive sports program here.


Requesting leave at the University of Bremen

Recreational leave must be applied for in a timely manner through official channels (complete the leave application form, sign it and submit it to the responsible person in the work area).
A new application must be submitted via the supervisor in order to change the already approved application for recreational leave (reduction or cancellation).
Residual leave is cancelled if it has not been taken by the end of 30 September of the following year.
If an employee becomes sick during his/her leave, the days of incapacity for work, as evidenced by a medical certificate, shall not be counted towards the annual leave.
Academic staff shall take their teaching obligations into account when planning their leave. Professors and university lecturers are exempt from applying for leave, but must notify the Dean's Office of their absence.
In the case of fixed-term employment, the holiday must be taken within the term of the employment contract. Payment of remaining leave is not possible.

Late payment or no payment of scholarship funds

Usually, the funds are transferred to your account on time.
Nevertheless, please check your account regularly to see whether you have received your money so that you can take action as early as possible if something goes wrong.